Arielle Esther & Gabriela Prochazka:
sound & light sculpture / surround sound, fluorescent tubes
Funkhaus, Berlin, DE
technical support: Georg Werner, Hallvard Kristiansen

Installation that explores our senses and continuity which causes us to perceive and experience space as an object. The sonic entity portrays a fragile oscillation between illusion and reality, sculpts its sounds in time to unfold contrasting phases of transformation, subjectively leading or misleading the listener’s subconscious into this fictional world of contradictions. The light becomes a guide of shifting perception.
Ideas are given, just to be given up again.

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How we perceive, process and recall sensory information is how we construct our subjective realities, so what happens when sight is suppressed? How do our other senses adapt and re-adjust to this change? Is the dark a place where realities can be twisted? In the Dark is a project that approaches these questions by depriving our brain of sight through presenting a series of sound compositions played within a pitch-black space. From the removal of light, In the Dark intends to rest your eyes and let your hearing monopolize your other senses. This event will be taking place in recording hall Saal 2 at the Funkhaus. Each of the artists have created a unique sound piece to be installed on a multi-speaker diffusion system within this environment. Sight has without question become the most dominant sense in majority of our lives; memories usually recalled through image, dreams commonly seen not heard. Our eyes are constantly occupied in this fast moving world, we look for what we hear, feel, smell and taste, and it’s often disconcerting to sense something without a visual grounding.

Installations by: Caleb Watson, Alfie Brooks, Vida Vojić, Arielle Esther & Gabriela Prochazka

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