underwater light installation, 2015
software, microprocessor, various lights sources, light transmitting materials
250 x 65 x 35 cm
RGB Light Fest 2015, Rome, Italy

We are usually seeing natural water sources more mirror like structure, not being fully aware of the vibrant life under. But water covers 71% of the Earth’s surface, unfortunately it gets destroyed before we even know what’s in there. There’s still a lot to explore, scientists says, we know only about 5% of the oceans. As most of our planet doesn’t feel the sun, it is in eternal darkness. Bioluminescence is rare on the ground, but almost a must in the deep. Using combination of lights and open source programming to achieve generative light show, reminding us of deep sea creatures. It’s an effort of extending biological evolution to simulate a new life form. It also offers questions of communication between artificial and natural species. Placed in an outdoor fountain, people with otherwise no time to look at art within a gallery setting, might get an inspiration and a sense of fantasy of our world.

Galaxy of Stars (Kiss Me)

1553070_10151954870778731_1128307823_o (1)bunker-datacenter-geraldynemasson-GABRIELA-PROCHAZKA

Datacentre expo, 2014
Paris, France
videoprojection on a ceiling
computer, software, video projector

“In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.” -Andy Warhol, 1968

It has never been easier to advertise ones life. On the social networks, everyone can share whatever is on ones mind, feel popular, feel liked. Concentrated on phenomenon of selfies, especially on the type ‘kiss me’ cliche self-portraits of girls captured on low quality cameras. Celebrities we know from magazines, are taking the same type of pictures with their smartphones and share them online. It almost feels like a obligation to have a selfie on the social network. I have downloaded hundreds of selfies of girls from open profiles, I’m not a friend  on Facebook (you agree to give up all your photos freely to Facebook when you agree to terms and policy when signing up – downloading pictures is free for everyone without the need to inform the official uploader). The viewer has to lean back to see the projection on ceiling, organically generated, gently blinking in a seek of your attention one after an other. Million of same pictures, gently breath in the rythm of a galaxy.