photo: Jan Faukner, 2014by: Jan Faukner

Tractatus Aureus, 1541

Gabriela Prochazka is a multimedia artist with a focus in light art. She often collaborates with musicians and sound designers to create a complex immersion in her artwork. She’s interested in the intersection of light design, audiovisual performances, club culture, and fine arts.

She has a Masters from Digital Media at the Faculty of Arts and Design J. E. Purkyne in Usti nad Labem and has participated in study internships at Universities of Art in Paris and Bezalel Academy of Fine Arts in Jerusalem. Her artworks had been exhibited at galleries (Chemistry Gallery, Holesovicka Sachta), theatres (theatre Archa w / VOSTO5, The drama studio of Usti nad Labem w KALD DAMU) during AV performances in Prague clubs & venues (National Gallery of Prague in The Fair Trade Palace, Neone), Berlin (Berghain, OHM, Funkhaus, Spektrum – art science community) and new media festivals (Retune festival Berlin, DE / International Festival of Technologies, Delft, NL / RGB Light Festival, Rome, IT).

This autumn she will create an audiovisual installation to bring awareness of industrial battery cages for non-profit animal rights organization OBRAZ – Obranci zvirat, which will be exhibited at the Signal Festival of Lights in Prague with sound design by Robert Lippok. For the electronic music festival Lunchmeat, she has prepared a special light show for the performance of Neon Chambers: Kanding Ray & Sigha which will be exhibited in the National Gallery in Prague.


*1990 Prague

  • 2018
  • 1.3 —30. 3.
  • Color Field Symptoms w Peter Kirn / solo exhibition / Galery Cella, Bludný Kámen, Opava, CZ
  • 24.3.
    stage design for GOST ZVUK / w Orkhan Mammad, Klub Famu, Prague, CZ
  • 30.3.
  • visuals for LOFN / live lights w OAKE / Proces: OAKE live, Underdogs, Prague, CZ
  • 11.5.
  • visuals at UP Festival w Oskar Sazfraniec / Vystaviste Holesovice, Prague, CZ
  • 6.-8.6.
  • light installation Schrodinger’s cat, sound design: Matej Moravec / International Festival of Technologies, Delft, NL
  • underwater light installation Ctenophora, sound design: Aid Kid / International Festival of Technologies, Delft, NL
  • 12.-25.7.
  • If it’s an illusion, why does it feel so real? / group exhibition / Holesovicka Sachta, Prague, CZ

stage&light design / Neon Chambers: Kanding Ray & Sigha / Lunchmeat festival, Prague, CZ

light installation 3CZ 1234 w sound design by Robert Lippok / in collaboration w OBRAZ – Obránci zvířat / Signal festival of Lights, Prague, CZ

stage & light design / Ravecon0 w Amnesia Scanner, MESH, Prague, CZ

leader of workshop: Luminous Underwater Creatures, Technical University of Delft, NL

underwater light installations / HIGHLIGHT Festival, water canal of Delft, NL


  • 20.1.-5.2.
    light installation Totem / Festival Spectaculare, Spectaculare Art Show, The Chemistry Gallery, Prague, CZ

visuals for KinA / Proces, Neone club, Prague, CZ 

premiere of dance performance Sky, Snow and Broken Sword /
DARKIDENTITIESDARKBODIES: Exhibition, / direction, light design / Spektrum, Berlin, DE

Telefon Tel Aviv / visuals for KinA a Aitcher Clark, Neone club, Prague, CZ

12. 4.
album release Anakver / stage & light design, Futurum club, Prague, CZ

Av adventure time / curator, visuals for Vida Vojic (SWE), Punctum, Prague, CZ

Mess / visuals for Arielle Esther (FR), OHM club, Berlin, DE

Total Eclipse of the <3 / light installation w Peter Kirn (US), Berghain, Berlin, DE

1. 6. — 28. 6. 2017
Degree Show 17 — Exhibition of diploma works of students of the Faculty of Art and Design at Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem / spatial proposition / Ústí nad Labem house of art and design, CZ

11.6. (premiere) 15.6. (reprise)
scenic reading of die unverheiratete from Ewald Palmetshofer (AT) / scenography / Činoherní studio of Ústí nad Labem, CZ

Festival of Lights Louny / light installation Schrödinger’s cat / Louny, CZ

KRAKE festival meets LUNCHMEAT / visuals for LOFN (CZ) / GRIESSMÜHLE, Berlin, DE

Dirty Dirty Dancing Vol. 3 <Official Pride Afterparty> / light & set design w Lunchmeat studio / Nákladové nádraží Žižkov, Prague, CZ

Editions of Lights vol. III – /Color Field Symptoms – audiovisual installation w Peter Kirn (US)/

Lunchmeat festival / av live w Dné, National Gallery – Veletrzni palac, Prague, (CZ)


light sculptures / Kolonizace – Nový Počátek, Theatre Archa, Prague, CZ
current shows here

interactive light installation / MTF Berlin, Funkhaus Berlin, DE

porcelain lamp CHOROSH with Vlastimil Senkyr / Bratislava Design Week 2016, SK

16. 6. – 2. 10. 2016
porcelain lamp CHOROSH with Vlastimil Senkyr/ International Biennale of Student Design, Brno, CZ

21. 6. 2016
sound and light sculpture with Arielle Esther / In the Dark: Sound Perceptions, Funkhaus Berlin, DE
event here

13. 8. 2016
a/v performance with Peter Kirn / Playground av Berlin, Maze Club, DE

6. – 8.10 2016
Premiere of HERZ dance performance (direction – light design) / Retune Festival, Berlin, DE

14. 10. 2016
performance with Peter Kirn / Lunchmeat Festival, Prague, CZ

14. 10.–13. 11. 2016 
Video NoD Gallery / solo exhibition
Curator: Veronika Zajačiková, Prague, CZ

16. 10. 2016
Sky, Snow and Broken Sword
– sound to light to dance of darkness performance (direction – light design)
/ work in progress show for Open Sundays, Truhlárna, Prague 
truhlarna studio

4. 11. 2016 
performance with Vida Vojic / Spektrum, Berlin, DE

4. 11. 2016
co-hosting workshop with Peter Kirn, Georg Werner / Ableton Loop, Funkhaus Berlin, DE

6.12. 2016
Scope presents: Arielle Esther & Gabriela Prochazka / Susi Sie #241

underwater light installation / RGB Festival, Rome, IT
solo exhibition / Mala Gallery, Ústi nad Labem, CZ
light installation / Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week, Září Gallery, Prague, CZ 

underwater light installation / Signal Festival of Lights, Prague, CZ 
projection / Expo Data Centre, Paris, FR

Scholarships & Residencies

  • 2016, September – Schmiede, Hallein, AUS
    2015, July – 18. International Summer Academy of Dresden for Fine Arts, DE
    2015, September – Lights in Alingsås, SWE


2015-2017 Faculty of Arts and Design J. E. Purkyně, Digital Media studio, Ústi n. Labem, CZ
2010-2015 Faculty of Arts and Design J. E. Purkyně, Graphic Design, Ústi n. Labem, CZ

2013-2014 Université Paris 8, Arts Plastiques (scholarship), Paris, FR
2012 – Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Fine Arts (scholarship) Jerusalem, ISR
2006-2010 High school of Art of Václav Hollar, Prague, CZ