Color Field Symptoms

in collaboration with Peter Kirn
photo: Dita Havrankova

fluorescent tubes, laptop, active speakers

The installation draws inspiration both from color field painting movements and a new awareness of perception. Set in the black box, the visitor is surrounded by all immersive darkness and hypnotic layered music. Flashes of light stimulate after effects hallucinations, where colors, lines, and movement becomes a unique subjective experience of a perceptual architecture of sound and vision.

Adaptable to different venues.


1.03.—29.3. 2018
Galerie Cella, Bludný Kámen, Opava, CZ

9.10.—22.10. 2017
Editions of Lights vol. III, Holesovicka Sachta, Prague, CZ

1. 6.—28. 6. 2017
Degree Show 17 — Exhibition of diploma works of students of the Faculty of Art and Design at Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem / Ústí nad Labem house of art and design, CZ

Total Eclipse of the <3, Berghain, Berlin, DE