Die unverheiratete / Ewald Palmetshofer

11.6. (premiere) 15.6. (reprise)
scenic reading of die unverheiratete (The Celibate) from Ewald Palmetshofer (AT)
Činoherní studio of Ústí nad Labem, CZ

Direction and dramaturgy: Kateřina Bláhová
Art direction and scenography: Gabriela Procházková
Cast: Kryštof Rímský, Jaroslav Achab Haidler, Marta Vítů, Matúš Bukovčan
Production: Andrea Čerbačeská, Michal Jalůvka
Supervision: Karel Tománek (KALD DAMU), Michal Koleček (FUD UJEP)

Photo: Jáchym Myslivec

Three generations of women and one inherited sin from the time of Nazism. 

1945, shortly after the end of the Second World War. A young woman is sentenced to twenty years of imprisonment by a court for collaborating with the fascists. 2015: a young woman finds her grandmother collapsed on the ground in their kitchen.
Between the past and the present, between prison and God’s judgement, between the kitchen chair and the death bed is where 70 years of the cobwebs of the past starts to unravel. The grandmother, mother and granddaughter discover the family secret concerning the disappearance of their husbands, they seek out the truth about their fathers and brothers, twisting between blame and forgiveness. How is it possible to come to terms with the blood on their hands that has been passed down from the grandmother? How can we ask the dead for forgiveness?
This powerful family story about three generations of women reveals the crimes that have played out in silence behind our neighbours’ closed doors.

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