photos: Lukas Havlena

Intersection of different types of art forms. What can have movie screening, clubbing, and performance art in common? In this project we’re testing the borders, it’s an experiment. We can’t foresee the outcome. Performers and audience melted together.

The end of the world was never this fruitful 🍎
Join us on the journey of our danse macabre.
Opening of Lunchmeat Festival 6.12. Convent of St.Agnes, National Gallery

creative direction & production: Gabriela Prochazka
concept: Gabriela Prochazka, Anna Rybanska, Jindriska Krivankova
music: LOFN
set design, light design: Gabriela Prochazka
video art: Michal Zilinsky
choreography & performance: Jindriska Krivankova, Anna Rybanska, Vaclav Kovar
costumes & make-up: Andrijana Trpkovic
typography: Petr Fasianok
technical support: Gomi Fernandez, Tasya Nafigina

Project is realized with financial support by Ministery of Culture of the Czech Republic.