How To Be A Good Citizen Of The 21st Century

photo: Stefan Berec, courtesy of the artist
3.30 loop
sound design: Jesse Osborn Lanthier
PRIOR shopping center, Jihlava, CZ during 23rd Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival
Technical support by Lunchmeat studio, Kvant Lasers

Calm robotic voice is telling passers-by advice, tips, do’s and do not’s on the topic of ”How To Be A Good Citizen Of The 21st Century” on the main square of Jihlava city. The statements are a contemporary manifesto of ongoing discussions about supposed ethical human behavior in the western world.

How to live in a world where terrorist organizations use movie esthetics and shoot on smartphones unbelievably cruel murders of international citizens? Why do organizations protecting animal rights get people stereotypically commenting on why they supposedly not care about wars/plastic/ other issues?

In the secular state as the Czech Republic, there’s not one dominant fiction story of our country the citizens can unite and easily follow (in the past it was religion, nationalism). Therefore every citizen has to make their own fiction story about what to believe in, many prefer a capitalism money-story. But how to cope with the overflow of preferred behavior and the porn of often contradictory information overflow. What sources to trust and where’s the middle ground in all of it? As our planet is facing the climate crisis and mass extinction of million species, how can one not feel frustrated and just passively watch the world torn apart by global forces he has no power to influence? This ‘manual for citizens’ offers some suggestions.┬áSometimes the advice is practical, serious, touching a taboo, funny, but mostly hopes to be thought-provoking.

The projection took place on PRIOR shopping center, built in the socialist era. The building’s controversy is due to the fact, that according to locals and well-known architects it’s damaging the appearance of the local Masaryk’s square. Protests to demolish it are announced periodically.

The project was developed in collaboration with GREENPEACE CZ, to bring awareness of the current global and local issues in public space in a playful manner.