oceania_web projection

audiovisual installation & live performance
visuals generated by software and movements of a fish
starrring: Betta Splendens
violin: Niels Doucet
tech support: Hannes Nachtigall, Jakub Hybler
assistent: Farhana Fayez
supervision: Bozkurt Karasu
created with support of Institut of Intermedia, ČVUT

aquarium, betta splendens, projectors, plexi glass, camera, Isadora software, screen, speakers

Found footage of documents about water and deep sea is projected and distorted with Isadora (software) to specially adapted plexi glass, which is placed in an aquarium, to create a three-dimensional image formed by the interference of light beams from a coherent light source, which is then captured by a camera and projected on screen. Live fish is interacting with the projection and changing it with its movement.