3CZ 1234

Signal Festival of Lights 2018, Prague, CZ
cages, incandescent light bulbs, 8 channel sound

sound design: Robert Lippok
technical sketch: Filip Mirbauer
production: Vojtech Loskot
technical support: David Fernandez

The name of the projects paraphrases the code labeling of eggs from battery cage breeding. The objective of the installation is to bring awareness of the life of laying hens.
In some cages were hidden facts from industrial farming:

The hens live their whole life on a surface which is not much bigger than an A4-sized sheet of paper.

Factory farms often use light intensity to influence the animals behavior and biorhythm.

There are more chickens in the world than there are any other species of bird: more than 20 billion of them are reared annually for food.

Battery cages are the least respectful form of housing hens.

Factory farmed animals never get out to fresh air, nor do they ever see the Sun in their entire lives.

Made as a supporting installation for a campaign of non-profit organization Obraz-Obranci zvirat.