Opening performance: Ponec – dance theatre

photos: Martin Kubalec, Gabriela Prochazka

13min, multimedia performance
laser, video projection, prismatic foil, 2 channel sound, 9 performers

For the special opening of the dance theatre Ponec’s 20th season I created a space that started out as a light installation and gradually turned into a proper dance party. The idea was to give the dancers a chance to work themselves into the ecstatic or almost trance-like state that can sometimes occur at rave parties and which embodies total freedom of body and mind – that moment when nothing else in the world exists except for the music and the body moving with it.

A laser drawing was projected onto the building’s facade and into a special prismatic circle that was hung above the entrance. The wind interacted with the circle, and so sometimes the projection mapping worked precisely, but at other times it was more up to luck. This created a sense of playful chance, which was dependent on the weather conditions at the time.

Concept, creative direction: Gabriela Prochazka
Laser, light installation: Gabriela Prochazka
Support: Lunchmeat studio
Sound: Oliver Torr
Choreography: Jindřiška Křivánková

Viktor Černický
Cecile Da Costa
Markéta Jandová
David Králík
Tereza Lenerová Hradílková
Žaneta Musilová
Jaroslav Ondruš
Jazmína Piktorová
Ester Trčková

Special thanks to:
Václav Kovář
Ondra Eliášek
David Vrbík
Eliška Kociánová
Jan Slanina


photos: Lukas Havlena

CGI movie x concert x performance
The end of the world was never this fruitful 🍎
What can have a movie screening, concert, clubbing, and performance art in common? In this project we’re testing the borders: join us on the journey of our danse macabre where the audience, performers, and art forms melt together.
From neo-Tarkovsky footage about anthropocene to a techno party.
Please note: It is not required for the audience to just sit on their seats.
creative direction: Gabriela Procházka
concept: Gabriela Procházka, Anna Ribanská, Jindřiška Křivánková
music: LOFN
choreography & performance: Jindřiška Křivánková, Anna Ribanská, Václav Kovář
set design, light design: Gabriela Prochazka
video art: Michal Žilinský
costumes & make-up: Andrijana Trpkovič
typography: Petr Fašianok
technical support: Gomi Fernandéz (Lunchmeat studio)
The project is realized with financial support by Ministery of Culture of the Czech Republic.

6.12.2019 Lunchmeat Festival National Gallery, Convent of St.Agnes, Prague, CZ
17.7.2020 Festival Nultý bod, Studio Alta, Prague, CZ