Good Citizen (video art)

sound design: Jesse Osborne Lanthier, Ondra Mikula (AID KID)
graphic design: Matej Moravec

The project takes us into a dystopian news channel where a synthetic avatar presents us in a confident voice with the dos and don‘ts of our era.

What is the relationship between media and politics? 

With the rise of deep and neural networks, a new question arrives, who are these people and what the f*ck are they smiling at?

Hermetic understanding of technology might account for its perceived errors by pointing out that reality is never that simple but that there’s always a meaning beyond the meaning, that answers can be multiple, contested, and potentially infinite.

The project was created during the artist’s residency at Instrument Inventors, Hague, NL. Preview during No Patent Pending, Rewire festival 2020.