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Kraken Signal festival 2014 from Gabriela Prochazka on Vimeo.

audiovisual underwater installation

Vltava River, Prague, CZ
computer, open source softwares, microprocessor, digital LED lights, light transmitting materials
1800 x 500 x 100 cm

,,An uncertain world lies under the water surface.”

Kraken is a cryptid = from the Greek κρύπτω, krypto, meaning “hide” is a creature, whose existence has been suggested, but has not been discovered or documented by the scientific community. Legendary sea animal, gigantic in scale. It is said it lives in the northern seas. This time it arrives in Prague. One can miss it during the day, but not at night time, when it starts its own visual show, putting us in mind of the bioluminescent powers of deep water creatures.

teaser here
video of installation here