Light messages II.

photos: Petr Zewlak Vrabec, Martin Janousek

The aim of the art intervention was at one hand to focus on the local problem but also to point out its global outreach. The projected claims were linked to some of the famous pop-culture memes as well as to similar art initiatives happening all around the world. The other aim of the art intervention was to try to answer the question if and how art in public spaces can help to accent the problems of the global society.

According to ecologists, the Chvaletice power plant has a huge impact on climate change, burning brown coal from the North Bohemian mines, thus emitting a large number of toxic substances such as mercury and carbon oxides into the air.

The actions of ecological activists draw attention to the fact that if the Czech Republic does not cease to burn coal by 2030, it would not meet the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement from 2015. The Czech government is far from setting any detailed plan for phasing out coal power plants. On the contrary, it was just recently that the Chvaletice power plant was provided an exception from the European limits for the carbon oxides and mercury which are going to be implemented in 2021.

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