Light Messages III.

Laser intervention at the Počerady coal-fired power plant, the largest polluter and producer of greenhouse gases in the Czech Republic. It emits 5.5 million tons of CO2 and 223 kg of Mercury into the surrounding landscape every year, yet is only able to make use of 1/3 of the energy it produces.

“We act locally, but our activity is global. Similar artistic interventions are taking place around the world. We don’t have a second planet. Humankind must unite to save it. We are not activists, we are nature protecting itself.”

Inspired by global activist movements, post-internet culture, and claims, the projections on cooling towers included messages including, “Shit is fucked up and bullshit,‘‘ “#nofilter,” “I can’t believe I still have to protest this shit,” “We’re losing time,” as well as information on the toxic waste it produces, and, of course, classical ‘‘Stop coal.”

Made by Czech light artist collective to support local and global climate movement.

Photos: racek
Supported by: Lunchmeat studio, Greenpeace Česká republika , Limity jsme my Extinction Rebellion, Hnutí Duha, Fridays for Future & many more …