Study of naturality: water

land art ~ light intervention
video stills

Does what we create justify what we destroy?

Compared to the timeline of the Earth, human life spans are but a speck of dust, yet as a species, we are leaving irreversible traces in the landscape, that will still be noticeable long after we are all gone. The losses of habitats and primal nature are usually justified by the resources we need (minerals, wood) and therefore seen as development at the expense of nature. Whether there is a chance for sustainability depends on shifting the anthropocentric worldview and placing us not above but as a part of the whole – as we are – yet strangely – we have somehow evolved to forget this.

Inspired by the book of Arthur Koestler – The Ghost in the Machine. The work attempts to explain humanity’s self-destructive tendency in terms of individual and collective functioning. Especially by the concept of a h o l o n (holos, ‘whole’ and -ον, -on, ‘part’). The term holon refers to the idea that something is simultaneously a whole in and of itself and a part of a larger whole (for instance, trees and seeds are a perfect example of a holon).

collaboration: Gabriela Prochazka & Michal Blecha
sound: Elephant by Loke Rahbek & Frederik Valentin
graphic design: Marijn Degenaar
production: Václav Kovář
many thanks for consultation: Martin Janoušek